Joseph Borrelli


Josue Pavon

The Family

                             Born and raised in Needham, MA Joseph Borrelli came from a family of 6 boys. Mostly all of his brothers went off to war to fight in World War II. He dreamed of fighting in the war once he was old enough because he knew he wanted to fight for his country. When I asked him if he had any dreams as a child about a cetain career he said that he didn't. Joseph only looked forward to serving in the war. Coming from a patriotic family, he knew he wanted to fight for his country, and he felt like he had to.

Dream Of Being In War

                              When Joseph Borrelli was at the age of 12, his brother passed away fighting in the war. But this didn't stop him from wanting to fight. The death of his brother was hard on his parents, and they felt skeptical about Joseph going off to war but he still wanted to go to fight for his country like the rest of his brothers did. He was just waiting to be old enough to go. Once he reached the right age at 18, he knew he was going to war after getting the permisson of his parents. "I was goin, and I just knew I had to go."

World War II Boot Camp Training

Life In War
                          When Joesph went off to war he became  "The Beach Master". His role was to get the ammo to the soldiers when they came to shore. Soldiers would come needing ammo and his role was to give it to them as quickly as possible. But before he could actually get sent off to war he had to go to boot camp. The first boot camp site he went to was in Sampson, New York, After being there he was sent off to Portwynemi, CA. Boot Camp took about 8 weeks, depending on how many people were at the camp. Joseph  Borrelli was 17 at the time and was quite short. People didn't care much about size, because they would just get them in shape during Boot Camp. This would of course lead him to the role of The Beach Master.


Islands of the Philippines is where Joseph was the Beach Master

Back From War

                            After Joseph Borrelli came back from war, he believes he came back a different and smarter person. After I asked him"Do you believe war made you a better person?". Joseph replied saying, "Yes, no doubt about that." He felt like a better person because he got to travel and talk to other people. Borrelli believes that traveling can make a person better. He also believes that talking to other people in the war can make a person smarter. He got to hear other stories from people, and how they got to participate in the war. Joseph believes it helps a person discover things about themselves that they didn't know. "It really accelerates a person." After he returned from
war he came back a different man. Joesph Borrelli felt smarter and a better person. He also said that it was hard for people to find a job when they came back. But there was a program named 52-20 that granted anyone from war $20 for 52 weeks. America was going
through a rough time because of all the money that was going towards the war, and that is why it was hard for people to find a job. But other than that, Joesph was feeling good about coming back from war, and being back with his family because they were concerned for him.