Leonard Murmes
Worlds War ll
By: Elizabeth Schindler


My grandfather, Lenard Murmes, was a soldier in World War II. He was a great person that died a couple of years ago. He told my mother and her siblings all about what the war was like for him. I remember when I was little he would sit me and my siblings and tell us stories, but I don’t think that they were war stories. When I got older my grandmother and my mother would  tell us more about it.  A couple of weeks ago my teacher Mr. Brooke assigned us a project to find someone close to us or a veteran to tell us  their story and put it on a web site. I chose my grandfather.


Lenard Murmes was 18 years old when he and his friends enlisted into the army. He was the only one in his family to be in the war. His uncles were to old to fight. There were many stories that he told about the war to us. He was in the Third Assult Wave, the Rainbow Division, on D-day. Being that close to death, he was very frightened. Many of his friends were killed all around him.  There weren't very good places to sleep. There also wasn’t that much food but he managed. During one night, my grandfather was leading his group around looking for the enemy. They couldn’t see that there was a cliff ahead.  So as my grandfather was walking, tripped and  fell, hurting his ankle. Later,  as he was fighting, he was shot in the back of his head. Luckily it didn’t reach his head. It was stuck in the helmet. He was in the Mash Hospital for 2 weeks and then he went back to his company.

                                                   MISSION THROUGH POLAND

While doing a mission he and his group had to go into Poland.  They found concentration camps, the soldiers where frightened. My grandfather Lenny was Jewish and he couldn't believe his eyes. He was really mad and wanted to get the Germans.  He tried to help but he didn't know what to do. His group took pictures of the bodies that were gassed. To this day it is still really hard for people to see them. 




When my grandfather and his group weren't fighting they could do almost whatever they wanted. For grandfather, he would relax by drawing. He was a great artist that would draw everything. He would draw his friends and the girls he was dating at the time.  He would keep all of his portraits in a scrapbook that was in his backpack.


When the war ended, he didn't get home right away because he still had to do many missions.  When my grandfather got back my great grandmother had a party to celebrate his return. He brought home a German Luger Gun. Unfortunately it was stolen. For many nights since he got home he would wake up from nightmares in a cold sweat . Lenny's friends were also  going through the same things. 


The left side of the map is Europe During World War II, where my grandfather went into Normandy and fought with his group in other missions. The right side is the later years when the other countries got their independence.


He was a great grandfather that was nice and caring but sometimes tough. I miss him a lot and I wish that I could have asked him about what he went through during the war but unfortunately he passed away. This was an interview with my mother and what she remembers about his life in the war.


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