October 21- 22 R.O.A.R. Report

http://rimrock.mesa.k12.co.us/ October 20, 2021

Upcoming Dates

Mission Statement: Rim Rock nurtures and equips mindful, engaged, and empowered learners.

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Thursday, October 28 - Heavenly Hat Day

Wednesday, November 3 – Walk-A-Thon

Thursday, November 4 – PTO Meeting 4:00

Wednesday, November 10 – 2nd Grade Music Program – 6:00 FMS

Tuesday, November 16 – PTO Pie Pick up 4 – 6

Thursday, November 18 – SAC Meeting 4:15

November 22 – November 26 – Thanksgiving Break

Monday, November 29 – No School, Planning Day

Focus on Safety:

Fire Drills

On October 6 we had our first Shelter-In-Place drill. During these drills students remain in their classrooms as quiet as possible. A real Shelter-in-place is usually held when there is a suspicious, or dangerous activity in the community but they could also be called for a medical emergency on campus. We also had our monthly fire drill on October 19th. We still have our Lock Down drill this quarter as well as one more fire drill.

Keeping Schools Open

As we continue to navigate our world with COVID, please always refer to this website for the most current expectations and practices around positive cases in our school. https://d51schools.org/news/what_s_new/2021-22_keeping_schools_open_plan

With the continued rise in cases and the need for our learners to be spread out in the cafeteria, we are going to keep our cafeteria closed for visitors. We are hoping that Spring will bring renewal and health and allow us to open it back up for visitors. As always, you are welcome to have your child join you on the front lawn to eat.

Cross Walk Safety

We've had a few close calls in both of our crosswalks this week so we wanted to remind everyone of the expectations a few extra safety tips:


· Slow down and be prepared to stop when turning or otherwise entering a crosswalk.

· The speed limit in school zones when the lights are flashing is 20 miles per hour.

· Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and stop well back from the cross-walk to give other vehicles an opportunity to see the crossing pedestrians so they can stop too.

· Follow the directions of the crossing guard

· Never pass vehicles stopped at a crosswalk. There may be people crossing that you can’t see.


· There will be crossing guards just west of our entrance and just north of our dirt road. Please watch for and follow their direction when driving and walking in the area.

· Walk on sidewalks whenever they are available and cross at crosswalks.

· Keep alert at all times; don’t be distracted by electronic devices that take your eyes (and ears) off the road.

· Look out for pedestrians everywhere, at all times.

· School-aged children still need guidance and supervision when walking to/from school. Keep them close and out of traffic.

Focus on Our Community:

The Counselor’s Corner

October is National Bully Prevention Month

Some of the counselor lessons this month will focus on bully prevention (showing kindness/being a friend) and review of the STOP-WALK-TALK model.

We also reviewed the difference between a big problem (danger- tell an adult right away) and a small problem (not dangerous- can be solved using strategies before talking to an adult).

Students are taught that when they encounter a bullying situation, the first thing they should do is tell that person to STOP in a firm voice.

If that doesn’t work, students are taught to WALK away from the situation and to go to a safe place where that person cannot bother them.

If that doesn’t work, students are taught to TALK to a trusted adult to get help.

We talked about how STOP-WALK-TALK can be used in an isolated situation where someone is being mean as well as a bully situation.


· To teach students how to stand up to behavior that they feel is offensive or not wanted.

· To empower students.

· To promote self-advocacy and self-determination.

· To decrease bullying and bullying related issues in school.

· To promote a more self-reliant, responsible, and safe climate and atmosphere.

· To remove barriers that interfere with positive peer interactions and academics.

· To create a positive school climate.


For more information on bully prevention and reporting, please visit the Stand up and Speak Up D51 Bully Prevention and Reporting Site


Parents, if you have any feedback or questions about lessons- feel free to reach out.

Kristen Walke- Rim Rock School Counselor

September ROAR Winners

Each month we collect ROAR slips and hold a drawing for one student per grade level (students can earn slips for going

above and beyond and exhibiting exceptional ROAR behavior – they can also earn slips for participating in school spirit events). Our winners for August are: Finn R. (K), Parker R. (1st), Kolter K. (2nd), Ivy V. (3rd), Sebastian M. (4th), and Eilee C. (5th). Congratulations to ALL!!! Be sure to check out our Facebook page each month to see their winning smiles! https://www.facebook.com/Rim-Rock-Elementary-178372062579265

Costumes on Halloween

Once again, our staff voted to allow students to wear costumes on Halloween. Staff has agreed to continue this tradition this year because students and families have followed our expectations. With that being said, all of our students can wear costumes to school Friday, October 29. We ask that when you are picking out costumes, please remember that students come to school wearing their costumes and must be able to participate in their learning all day in costume without adult assistance – there will not be a parade. With this in mind, please ensure the younger ones do not need assistance with costumes when using the restroom. Costumes must follow our school dress code and should not include full face masks. Costumes cannot be inappropriate for school. We ask that the costumes not be too scary, gory, or include weapons or blood of any kind. Teachers can ask students to remove hats or other items if they are distracting or disrupting the learning of any child.

Again, this is a year-to-year decision on our part – having families follow our guidelines, will lead to future opportunities for costumes on Halloween here at Rim Rock.

Walk-a-thon Update

Dear Rim Rock Families,

Once again our generous community came together to help reach our goal of raising $2,500.00. I am so proud to say that with all of your help, we raised a total of $2,548.50!!! Because of all of your support and donations, every classroom teacher will get $150.00 to use to buy equipment for students to play with outside at recess. I can't wait to see what equipment they pick out to play with.

Just a reminder, T-shirt sales are final and they are in the process of being made. They should be delivered at the end of October. I will hand them out when students come to PE. Permission slips for all 2nd-5th grade students went home the week of the18th and will be due back on Oct. 29th. Walk-a-thon is Wednesday, November 3rd. Remember, Kindergarten and First grade are not leaving campus, but instead, are doing a course created by our NEHS students on our field.

Heavenly Hats Day - October 28

We are going to continue the tradition of Heavenly Hat Day this year on Thursday, October 28th. Every student and teacher who would like to be involved will donate a $1.00(or more) for the privilege of wearing their favorite hat to school for the day. This is usually very exciting for the students as hats are normally not allowed in school except on spirit days. All of the proceeds from this event go to the Heavenly Hat foundation that donates brand new hats to cancer patients who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. Thank you for supporting your child to help with this great cause.

Thank you!

Mrs. Jensen

Focus on Learning


Thank you for participating in our Fall conferences! It was great to see everyone in the building again! Your partnership in your child's learning is important for his/her success - being involved in conferences helps build our relationships and improve our communication. We are striving to engage with every family 5 or more times this year, please reach out to us as well as you have questions.


If you have the time and would like to volunteer, please reach out to your child's teacher for upcoming opportunities. There is a form to complete as you come in - you can get those from Mrs. Thomas at the front desk.

In addition, sometimes teachers have projects you can support at home - so don't think of volunteering as just coming in during the day.

We appreciate all the support we have received so far this year and are excited to have you continue to come into the building.

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